5 Top Tips from the Pros to Save Your Car Exterior

You know you need to keep your car exterior clean to keep it looking its best – but it sure seems like everything from other motorists to the weather are all plotting against you.

Here are five top tips from industry insiders that will help you keep your car looking great no matter what:

1. Choose Your Car Wash Carefully

There are many ways to wash a car. One of the most popular is the automatic car wash. It can be fun and convenient, simply driving through a tunnel full of flashing lights and automatic brushes and driving away with a clean car!

The problem is, this popular method of car washing is actually not the best option – especially if you are looking to maintain the look of your car’s exterior over time.

Car washes are notorious for collecting dirt and debris in their brushes, which are not cleaned frequently enough. To avoid this becoming a potentially damaging problem for your car’s finish, wash your car manually or have it professionally washed. You may spend more time or money, but the result will be noticeably better.

You should wash your car regularly to keep potentially-damaging substances from ruining your paint and protective coatings. Always use a gentle yet effective substance designed specifically for car washing when cleaning your vehicle. Regular dish soap or other detergents may not provide the kind of cleaning you need – or the lasting shine you’re looking for!

2. Wax with a Clean Slate

Just as you should wash your car regularly, so too should you routinely wax your car. This keeps it shining and protected from dulling – but it can also be detrimental if not done correctly.

Wax carefully, and always use materials designed specifically for the job. Be sure that your car’s surface is free from any debris or other foreign material that could interfere with a smooth wax application. This way, gritty substances that don’t belong on your car won’t create a problem with applying and keeping shine.

3. Find Protected Parking

While your car exterior is designed to withstand the elements, that does not mean that the beautiful finish of your vehicle will not be compromised by them. Sun can bleach colors and make finishes brittle. Rain can gradually dull the shine of a car and damage the paint. Even wind can drastically reduce the luster and loveliness of your vehicle over time!

The best way to protect the look of your car exterior from these environmental hazards is to park in a protected area. Park your car inside a garage whenever possible. An awning is another good option to keep your car safe from whatever the forecast calls for.

If nothing else works for your budget and space, consider a pull-over car shield. This will keep your car safe from the elements and looking great, longer.

Likewise, it is also important to park your vehicle as far away from other cars or active driving areas as possible. Even if you are a safe driver, not everyone else on the road is. Other drivers can damage your vehicle’s finish by parking or driving too close to your car – and subsequently causing collision damage.

This does not mean that you have to park many meters away from whatever building you are living or working in. Rather, it simply means that you should look for spacious parking areas, choose emptier areas of the lot when possible, and park well away from areas that see a lot of traffic. This will drastically reduce the likelihood that your car will be damaged by another while you are not behind the wheel.

4. Clean and Repair Promptly

Getting a splash of mud on your car exterior or a scratch in the paint is the kind of everyday annoyance that probably doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, these little problems can add up to big concerns over time. Address the issue quickly to keep it from snowballing. Patch chips and scratches swiftly and stop for routine washes to prevent small blemishes from getting out of hand.

5. Wrap Your Car in Extra Protection

All of these tips are designed to help you keep your car looking its best. But what happens if you do all of this and you are still dealing with loss of luster and a car that is hard to keep looking its best?

Consider investing in extra protection for your car. Whether you choose a vinyl wrap, a paint protective film – also known as a clear bra – or a protective ceramic coating, this investment can really add value and beauty to your vehicle.

Interested in learning more about how an extra layer of protection can provide a longer-lasting luster for your car exterior? Talk to the expert team at The Coat Lab. We have the tools to keep your car looking its best – all with pricing options that work for you.

Don’t sweat the elements when you can keep them from dulling your shine. Contact the professionals at The Coat Lab today and find how just how easy it is to keep your car looking great!

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